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Lloyds Banking Group exposed to more Bad Debt

Lloyds Banking Group has warned markets it was facing a bigger than expected hit as the scale of Ireland’s economic troubles worsened and as a result Lloyds share price was down as much as 6% before recovering slightly on the close. As the news filtered through on Friday, other bank shares followed suit with RBS recording [...]
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Unemployment to add weight to the debt mountain?

With unemployment rising and showing no signs just yet of calming and the Consumer Credit Counselling Service reiterating that a quarter of those seeking its support in 2010 were out of work it doesn’t bode well for the governments outlook into 2011. It is difficult to see how (when the economy is so fragile) that by [...]
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Premier Foods to sell meat free Quorn to reduce debt

Premier Foods is hoping to knock a ‘meaty’ chunk off its enormous £1.4bn debt mountain through the £230million sale of its vegetarian food brand Quorn as talks to complete the sale were said to be ‘advanced’. But analysts fear the disposal of Quorn would not be enough to return Premier Foods to health. Although the firm [...]
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Bank boosted by debt recovery

FirstRand, one of South Africa’s largest financial institutions recently announced it had posted a 34% rise in full-year profit, helped largely by a recovery in bad debts. The financial stalwart also said investment banking had performed well and as a result of its figures, that it could look at considering a ‘tie-up’ with an international [...]
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