Is your community struggling to maintain its value due to certain individuals not paying their fees?

If the answer to the questions above is yes then CCDR may have the solution you are looking for. In recent years in the midst of one financial crisis after another, Spanish communities face a constant uphill struggle to balance their books.

One solution has been to pursue the debtors through the Courts either in Spain or more recently the UK, however this can be both costly and drawn out, sometimes taking several years, whilst the community is paying for this action and at the same time being starved of cash.

Alan Thompson, Managing Director of CCDR Ltd, believes that his company can offer a cost effective solution for communities and has impressive statistics to back up his claims. CCDR offer an entirely “No Win No Fee” collection service therefore eliminating any risk for communities. More importantly it gives the community, the presidents and the committee piece of mind that no upfront fees are required.

“One resort we work with has received close to €300,000 in just over 2 years and is delighted with our services. We charge no upfront fees and we only earn money by being successful”. He continued, “In this particular instance it cost the resort virtually nothing to get the money owed to them”

We have found that Presidents and Administrators would rather concentrate on the running and upkeep of their resorts, not worrying about the collection of fees. We are in a position to assist communities in collecting up to 74% of the outstanding fees in less than 6 months, then advising them on an ongoing basis which of their non-paying residence fall into the cant pay, won’t pay categories and therefore which of them to take action against, once again saving them money rather than the more common approach of issuing proceedings against all of their late payers and incurring unnecessary legal fees.

Services we can provide for your community:

  • Debt Recovery – UK a Worldwide Dispute Resolution
  • Full tracing Service
  • Debtor, Asset a Liability Checks Legal Case review
  • Credit Control
  • Full Online Reporting
  • Offices Located in UK & Spain