Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Debt can be the result of financial circumstance where the client is unable to pay or in some cases, as the result of a dispute between you and your customer.

Our Mediation and Dispute Resolution service gets to the heart of the reasons behind the debt and to then find the best solution to resolve the issue for you.

Typically, mediation is the diplomatic process before committing to legal recovery. As with any dispute, diplomacy may or may not be the most effective measure. You may be a willing party but your customer may not be, especially if the dispute is an avoidance tactic.

Our role at Corporate Credit Debt Recovery is to assess each case on its own merits and advise you accordingly as to the most likely effective means to resolve each case.

For a individual assessment please use our Contact Form, or if you are not yet a client, for further details on all of our services you can call us directly, or leave some details and request a call back.

Get in Contact

For more details on our services please send us an email (click here) or phone us and talk to one of our commercial debt recovery specialists on 0151 285 3896


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