Outsourced Credit Control

Increased debtor days pose a significant risk to business as the goods/services have been provided, the costs of making/delivering those goods/services have been incurred and you are at your most vulnerable owing to your increased exposure through invoice settlement delays and disputes, protracted late payments and bad debt should your customer cease to trade or encounter financial difficulties before making payment.

Put simply, chasing debt diverts attention away from your core business activities. More often than not, staff that are chasing payments, are not trained to do so, nor aware of the procedures and legal processes to be adhered to.

As such, to have a fully trained and competent in-house collections team can therefore be very costly. With Outsourced Credit Control Solutions from Corporate Credit Debt Recovery Ltd (CCDR), we can offer you the benefit of having a dedicated, fully trained and competent credit control team, but without the cost.

With our Outsourced Credit Control solutions we mainly deal with small to medium sized businesses, but the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t wish to incur the expense of a dedicated credit controller, but need to ensure their debtors are paying on time.

As far as your debtor is aware they are dealing with you. We contact your debtors on your behalf and they remain unaware of our involvement.

If you are experiencing increased debtor days and you wish to avoid late payments then Credit Control Outsourcing delivers a proactive credit control management service for your company.

For details of how we can resolve your customer late payment problems, without compromising the loyalty of your customer simply contact CCDR for more info on Outsourced Credit Control.

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